On Memorial Day weekend, 2011, 16-year-old Kody an avid baseball player and sophomore in high school, was involved in a tragic, life altering accident. Kody endured a broken neck while at the beach, which led to the immediate onset of quadriplegia. After several surgeries, Kody spent 79 days in the hospital trying to recover and gain strength from his paralysis. When Kody was released from the hospital, he began the long process of rehabilitation which is not covered through his medical insurance. The Kup for Kody would like to raise money to help with the cost of his rehabilitation at Project Walk.


Project Walk is a spinal cord rehabilitation center located in Carlsbad, CA. Project Walk uses exercise-based recovery and presently is not covered by Insurance COS. The annual cost for recovery at Project Wakk is $38K-$48K per year, per victim. Lifetime cost for spinal cord injuries can total over $2.5 million per victim. In most cases, insurance only covers 50-65% of these costs over a lifetime. 13,000 SCI victims are added each year.


The cost of rehabilitation for Kody to attend Project Walk is approximately $2,500 per month and with your help and support, Kody will remain in therapy.


Be part of something special and help us keep Kody at Project Walk. Please visit their website (www.projectwalk.org) to see all the wonderful things they do to improve the quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries.